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This site is a reminiscence to Alpha Centauri and Alien Crossfire and contains some stuff for the games.

As this site is a private one, it's very subjective.

Those who are looking for other IP or PBEM players, may see the Multiplayer pages. There you find a lot, inclusive the ICQ numbers, as most IP games are arranged "just in time" by ICQ

If you like to contact me, send an email to Dreifels@2be.cc or use ICQ 43877036

Hints for Beginners

If you got SMAC (Alpha Centauri) you also should install the SMAC Patch 4 but watch the right way how to install it:

- 1st install SMAC from CD
- 2nd call SMAC and start a new game, make minumim 2 turns.
- Exit SMAC
- Expand the patch 4 file to an empty directory
- Secure that the old files are not set to "read only", therefore you may easy call the DOS command "attrib -r *.*" in the SMAC directory.
- Copy now the expanded files of the patch over the old files in SMAC directory.

Those, who got SMACX (Alien Crossfire), should install the SMACX Patch 2

If you get a crash and/or the message "CPU not supported":

- check if your monitor settings are 16 bit High Color
- change in Alpha centauri.ini the line ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=0 to 1 (or twisted)
- load Alpha Centauri (SMAC) or Alien Crossfire (SMACX) direct by click on the respective exe (terran.exe / terranx.exe)

How to speed up the game:

- use 800 x 600 screen size
- disable any sound and voice in SMAC
- take the "low res" files which you find in the "Alternate Art" directory on SMAC CD (on SMACX CD there are no extra "low res" files)
- set the swap file to minimum 128 MB and let handle the maximum by Windows.
- defragment you partition C: and - if you use several partitions - also the swap file partition and the SMACX partion.
- for more hints see at readme file on CD

click hier für Alien Crossfire Althought Alien Crossfire for Windows is out of sales, it's still able to get it at:

eBay.com or eBay.de

The prices are so extreme different, that it's worth to order it overseas:

Watched prices at 09/25/2002
(Average rate: 1 USD ~ 1 EURO):

eBay.com USD 40,-

eBay.de EURO 12,-

As all language versions work together and the respective language files for download are here, you don't need to buy the same language version of SMACX as you SMAC have already. You may spare a lot of money as the overseas shipment isn't so expensive.

Alien Crossfire Stuff

Files for Alpha Centauri und Alien Crossfire

Files here

And the support goes on ...

After closing the Firaxis Forum most users asked what's about support.

Don't worry, the support goes on:

See at the newsgroup


where you can get help from other user.

Furthermore, there is an online support at techsupport.ea.com

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