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PBEM Rules

The normal accepted rules for PBEMs are:

Read also: Bingmans' Rules for PBEMs at http://smac.xhounds.com/
Rules for SMAC / SMACX PBEMs
Version Nov 15, 2000
by Dreifels, based on Bingman's Rules, but modified in several points
1. Reloading the game multiple times to get different Unity pod, combat or other effects (e.g. native live) is prohibited.

2. Performing multiple drops or orbital insertions using the right-click menu is prohibited. This means, multiple air drops in the same turn are forbidden. Don't use the right-click menu to do multiple drops or orbital insertions in the same turn.

3. Loading the game into the scenario editor is prohibited.

4. Starting a terraforming operation in one square, cancelling it, moving to a different square, and then finishing it in that new square is prohibited in cases of "combat terraforming." This prevents "crediting up" a terraformer in a safe location and then moving it to a dangerous location where the terraforming is completed in one turn. An example of this would be using a sea former to sink an enemy coastal base - the sea former has to do all of the work in the target square where the enemy can retaliate.

5. If you perform an act that causes a state of vendetta with another player, no pending negotiations in the diplomacy window with the victim can be completed until the victim has a chance to reevaluate the diplomatic situation.
Example: You have been negotiating a treaty with another player, and the other player has accepted the treaty in the diplomacy window, but you have not. You perform an act that causes a state of vendetta between the two of you - (probe team action rules see below at 6.) build a new base in the other's territory, attack units or bases, etc. Now you are prohibited from accepting the treaty (and erasing the state of vendetta) until the other player has a chance to take back the diplomatic offer. It is OK to first accept the diplomatic offers and then do the act that causes a vendetta.

6. If you do a probe team operation against another player and you get the popup that asks for "Declare vendetta" or "Let off with a stern warning" or "ignore in this case", you may select what you like.
A probe team operation is a secret service operation and it's just the character of a secret service operation that the victim doesn't see / know it and has no possibility to act at once.

7. Setting the home of a unit to be the base of a pacted faction is prohibited.

8.1. Using the design workshop is forbidden at any time. You only can upgrade an unit by single click on it. This means, all multiple upgrades are forbidden.
8.2. A unit that has moved already can't get an upgrade in that turn.
8.3. Moving by mag tube counts NOT as moving. This means, after moving a unit by mag tube you can upgrade it.
8.4. However, an air drop does count as moving. This means, after an Air drop you can't upgrade that unit in the same turn.

9.1. Communications by email are allowed at anytime, however
9.2. Communications by commlink (and any diplomatic action) are forbidden as long as not a real contact had been made or the comm freq you've got by a bacon or from an other faction by trade.
9.3. A fingter or a payload can't create a real contact. That is possible only by antigrav, copter, ground unit, sea unit, native life form unit.

10. Social engineering choices you can change always when you like it.

11. It's not allowed to take advantage of the design of a captured unit to produce units with components you don't have the tech for. You can only produce the exact duplicate of the captured unit. (This applies to probe teams too: you can produce rover probe teams but not other rovers using the design of a probe team.)

12. The Planetary Council cannot be called before 2120.

13.1. If you call a meeting of the Planetary Council, at first you have to send an email message to all of the other players stating: a) what is being voted on, b) what choices are available, c) if it a vote for governor then how many votes each faction gets. This rule is necessary so that players who will vote near the end of the election have a chance to make promises and influence the votes of players who must vote earlier.
13.2. As the players voting at the beginning of the circle don't get an information about the voting of the later factions, all players have to tell by email how they voted, so that all players the same information have about the voting of the others.

14. Don't rename a city to allow multiple artifacts to be connected to the same network node.

--- end ---

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Armageddon
Datum: Samstag, 18. November 2000 16:32
Betreff: Re: Rules

Question: Clarification on 7. does this preclude the transferring of units to another faction altogether or merely the "resetting of home base for support without a transfer of control" ?

Answer: If you send a unit to a pact faction's city the unit has to be supported still by one of your bases and not by a base of the pact faction.
If you transfer the control to the pact faction, it's no longer your unit. It's a unit of the pact faction.

clarification on #8.1
by DW right click you can upgrade all units of the same type together, independent whether they have already moved or not.
If you click on a unit by right mouse and call action/upgrade, you can't upgrade if the unit has already moved.
8.1 fixes that an unit upgrade is only possible by right mouse action/upgrade, not bei DW or Ctrl-U that affects all at the same time.

Question: Also I would suggest that the sending back of units automatically be prohibited aggressor should have the option to rufuse.

Answer: you mean the feature in commlink right mouse click demand withdrawal?
My position is to allow it, as this maybe the only way to protect against a sudden attack by a faction with unclear or friendly diplomatic status. If this would be forbidden, in fact you're not able to set a diplomatic status to treaty or truce. (Pact the only diplomatic status is that you can't cancel in the same turn as you attack the victim. All other diplomatic status you are able to attack after cancel the status *in the same tun* and the victim hasn't any possibility to act.)
Allowing that feature means that an sudden attacker has either to be aware to send back or to declare vendetta before attacking.

Best, Dreifels

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