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Who likes to play a multiplayer game by email (PBEM) oder by IP, has to watch some settings and some PBEM rules.

Detailed explanations and user lists:

PBEM multiplayer IP multiplayer

How to find more and other user
to start an IP or PBEM game?

- the most sucessful way is, to install ICQ

- copy the IP multiplayers listed here to your ICQ address book and ask they for authorisation,

- be online at weekend with ICQ and send also a request for a game to other,

- contact me by ICQ 43877036, to add you to the IP multiplayer list here,

- ask in the newsgroups alt.games.firaxis.alpha-centauri and comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic to other who like to play.

- Who likes to play SMAC as PBEM (by email) or by IP may also find players and open multiplayer games annonced at

Planet Acol

Apolyton Net

Civgaming Net

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