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SMACX problem with mixed factions

A problem exists if you like to play a game with mixed SMAC and SMACX factions in Alien Crossfire.

After a long time of walking on wrong pathes, now I've understood what the problem was/is:

I always used the pcx files from the "Alternative Art" directory on CD.
However, there only the pcx files of the new SMACX factions are correct set for SMACX, the pcx files there for the old SMAC factions are exact the old SMAC files from SMAC "Alternative Art", and if you use this files, all color problems you have. They don't work with SMACX

If you like to use the "Alternative Art" files from CD *and* like to play in SMACX games with mixed factions (old SMAC factions and new SMACX factions in the same game) then use this pcx files here new_alternate.zip instead those on CD.

This files now work fine with right colors and pictures for the old and new SMAC factions both in SMAC and SMAC

To see in a mixed game the old and the new factions right and their colors fine, then only change the Alpha Centauri.ini faction's list.

Dec. 24, 1999

Watch that the Alpha Centauri.ini has listed the valid factions just in that range, as they are in use in that special game. It is useful to prepare a special batch file for each PBEM which copies at first the right ini and after that calls the terranx.exe

Batchfile sample to call a special game with mixed factions, i.e. "PBEM1.bat" in SMAC directory:

attrib -r *.*
rem to secure that there is no file copy protected
copy "my_game-1-Alpha_Centauri.Ini" "Alpha Centauri.Ini"
rem copy the specific ini for that game
rem over the original Alpha Centauri.ini
rem calls the terranx.exe to start the game

Batchfile sample to recover the original ini, i.e. as "original.bat":

copy "original-Alpha_Centauri.Ini" "Alpha Centauri.Ini"

The original Alpha Centauri.ini you should have saved before as i.e. "original-Alpha_Centauri.Ini". The specific Alpha Centauri.ini for that game you have saved before as i.e. "PBEM1-Alpha_Centauri.ini". In that specific ini there are the factions which are used in that game listed in their right range, i.e.:

Faction 1=PIRATES
Faction 2=UNIV
Faction 3=HIVE
Faction 4=SPARTANS
Faction 5=DRONE
Faction 6=PEACE
Faction 7=BELIEVE

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