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Installation Problems

If you got SMAC (Alpha Centauri) you also should install the SMAC Patch 4 but watch the right way how to install it:

- 1st install SMAC from CD
- 2nd call SMAC and start a new game, make minumim 2 turns.
- Exit SMAC
- Expand the patch 4 file to an empty directory
- Secure that the old files are not set to "read only", therefore you may easy call the DOS command "attrib -r *.*" in the SMAC directory.
- Copy now the expanded files of the patch over the old files in SMAC directory.

Those, who got SMACX (Alien Crossfire), should install the SMACX Patch 2

If you get a crash and/or the message "CPU not supported":

- check if your monitor settings are 16 bit High Color
- change in Alpha centauri.ini the line ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=0 to 1 (or twisted)
- load Alpha Centauri (SMAC) or Alien Crossfire (SMACX) direct by click on the respective exe (terran.exe / terranx.exe)

How to speed up the game:

- use 800 x 600 screen size
- disable any sound and voice in SMAC
- take the "low res" files which you find in the "Alternate Art" directory on SMAC CD (on SMACX CD there are no extra "low res" files)
- set the swap file to minimum 128 MB and let handle the maximum by Windows.
- defragment you partition C: and - if you use several partitions - also the swap file partition and the SMACX partion.
- for more hints see at readme file on CD

If you have to install the game new, watch how to do it:

- 1st uninstall SMAC complete

- 2nd look in c:\windows\*.* for any file still leaving there (SMAC*.* or Alpha* or Firax*.* or such)

- 3rd kill all SMAC related entries in the Registry (look for SMAC*, Firax*, Alpha*)

- 4th reboot and then call the RegClean from Windows or a similar program

- 5th reboot again, and then install from CD new

- 6th call SAMC and make ONE NEW game MINIMUM 2 turns

- 7th expand the PATCH 4 into an empty directory, secure that all files in the SMAC directory are NOT set to read only and copy all files you expanded from Patch 4 now over those in the SMAC directory.

- 8th Final: reboot and call SMAC(X)

If you have Windows 2000 or XP AND you have problems Firaxis published a new patch for Alpha Centauri
(Not for Alien Crossfire!):

Alpha Centauri Win 2000/XP Compatibility Update 1.03f
Product: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Added on: 11/01/2002
Size: 8.48 Mb
This update resolves several issues between Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Windows 2000 and XP machines.
This update is only needed for Alpha Centauri owners who have Windows 2000 or XP and and having problems getting the game to run OR if you play multiplayer games with other players who have installed this patch.
If you are not having problems running Alpha Centauri on your PC and you do not play multiplayer games with other players who have installed this patch, you should not install the patch.

The original downloadsource at Firaxis is here

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