Features of Alien Crossfire

The Progenitors and Caretakers are in a Civil War; their colonies are from two ships that were severely destroyed in a space war. They jettisoned their ships and landed on Planet (called Manifold Six to them). They are trying to kill each other, but must rediscover all the techs that have been lost to them (no contact with the home). Aliens and Humans canít talk to each other, until the Humans research Progenitor Psych, or the aliens research social psych.

Any ally of one alien faction is an enemy of the other. There is NO conversation between the two alien factions. They are both at Vendetta. Any game with one alien faction WILL have both! You canít just play with one alien faction in a game.

Alien factions get no energy from commerce, but by an Energy Grid, which feeds off technological devices.

When a human conquers a Progenitor (alien) base or vice-verse, forced relocation cause the base to be reduced to one. Half the remaining population (rounded up) is converted into colony pods.

In the victory conditions, you canít win until the aliens are eliminated (aliens canít participate in the council. Caretakers canít win through Transcendence, since they believe that is exploitation of Manifold Six (Planet). Usurpers can win by Transcendence. The Alien factions can win by having 6 bases of size 10 and build a Subspace Generator in each of them, which signals the home fleet.

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