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    Mod 3.0 for patch v1.29f .
    (Download now working, corrected the mistyping in filename of link above 2004-05-21)

    1. Introduction
    2. Short description
    3. New research tree for Middle Ages
    4. Detailled list what I changed and made new
    5. File list
    6. Thanks and recommondations

    1. Introduction

    Althought with patch 1.29f a lot of problems are reduced and the editor now is really able to use, there are still some points which would stop me to play the game again, special if you like to play without space racing and without cultural victory on a huge map with 16 races.
    Did you ever try to play the game with a huge map of the earth, 16 races and then no cultural and space racing victory? When you made all research and still there are existing 14-15 of the races and more than 400 cities built by the AI? And you have cities on Australia, South America, Asia, all over the world, but with 99% corruption?
    Then the game becomes little sense to continue. Here on a P800 the turn's calculation then needed up to 20 min!
    This and more I tried to fix with this package:
    - The extreme growing of the 'corruption factor by distance' (which is absolute unlogic for me, corruption never had a relation to the the government's distance in fact) which makes it impossible to play the game well with a huge map
    - The exorbitant setteling by the AI at every free field
    - Some very unlogic settings
    - Two new resources: copper and lead
    - A more logic science string in Middle Ages

    2. So I made this:

    2.1 To reduce the corruption problem there I created 5 State Governments which are additional Palaces but without any other effect than the corruption reducing effect of the Forbidden Palace. They are available after researching Democracy, have as prerequest building the court house and an additional prerequest which is a logic following tech which has to be discovered. So the AI will not start at once to build this palaces on the next available city, and for the human player they are available when the historic time is real coming and it is to expect that the expansion of the empire is growing fast:
    Civilopedia screenshots: State Palace I, State Palace II, State Palace III, State Palace IV, State Palace V

    Police station and Airport also got a flag to reduce corruption. A court is ineffective if there isn't also a police for respective investigations and such. For me also the logic consequence is that an Airport also is a logic setting as the respective anti corruption police has to be able to act and travel fast. So not only railway but also an airport reduces waste and corruptipon. Together it makes sense: Court and police within the influence of a democratic controlled government as well as the transport media which enables the staff to act in fact and makes distances less important.

    2.2 To stop the stupid excessive AI city building City building and irrigation is no longer possible at Desert. So i.e. in Sahara the Egypts no longer will build mass of cities with size 1. I also tried to set tundra as not possible for it. However, the AI takes tundra with forest not as tundra and settles nevertheless. So I set forest and jungle as not possible to settle, and clear forest or clear jungle the only possibility is. This means, first forest or jungle have to clear, then you can settle there. City building is no longer possible on Tundra, but irrigation. (I also tested to allow irrigation at hills, the result was that the AI took all hills to irrigate they. Terrible, so I come back to the original setting where no irrigation on hills is allowed.) Now here at tundra you can irrigate but not build a city while on a hill you can build a city but not irrigate, and at desert you can't both while at forest and jungle you have to clear first. Furthermore, I changed the food/citizen and lowered relative the food on Coast fields, increased relative food bonus for fish and whales, changed in relation other bonus points for resources with food, all to the general increased 'food by citizen' factor. The more, in the map I set coast exact to 1 field, then exact 1 field sea, all other ocean. Fish and whales you may find on sea and ocean only. So a good growing costal city must have minimum sea fields within their active range, as the costal water gives not so much food that a city can grow a lot.

    2.3 Three more small changes I also made aside:
    - Helicopter now can transport 2 units.
    - Army and Leader now are able to move also by airport
    - Germany no longer has Republic as preferred objective, I set Democracy instead (what the hell the original setting should say? Republic never had been a point in Germany, that a French speciality has been)

    2.4 I also integrated 2 new resources:
    copper and lead, and changed resources need for units in this respect a lot (see detalled list or new Civilopedia). Important is now, that this two resources are NOT rare resources. The AI needs the copper early at start. If you change the map and remove the copper for the AI races, they have big problems to grow and against barbarian hordes.
    So I made it more realistic, I increased the appearance ratio as well as the disappearance ratio for these resources which are allover the world.
    (I.e. lot of coal and lead mines had been closed within the past 50 years as the world market prices dropped so much by american, ausstralian or brasilian exports. But this doesn't mean the mines are empty. In case of war or other wordwide effects this mines can be open again, and so as strategic reasons they are to see as still available)

    Civilopedia screenshots: aluminium, coal, copper, horses, iron, lead, oil, rubber, salpeter, uranium

    3. Tech tree for Middle Age

    Another big change I made was the reorganisation of the Middle Ages research tree, see the screenshot of the advider's research table. I think so it's now more logic. screen copy here.
    Copper you'll need up from Bronze Working and later for Electronic units
    Lead you'll find up from Printing Press and need it for several units before Electronics.
    More details you may read in civilopedia

    4. Detailled list

    The complete and detailled list of all changes and what I made new you may read in mod3 read me first.txt

    5. attached Files to add/substitute

    in /Art/

    in /Art/Advisors/

    in /Art/City Screen/

    in /Art/Civilopedia/Icons/buildings/

    in /Art/Civilopedia/Icons/resources/

    in /Scenarios/
    Dreifels' huge map of the earth for 16 races with lead and copper
    1) with goody huts
    2) without goody huts
    (I prefer to play without this random events)

    in /Text/

    in main CIV III directory
    mod3_rules_only.bic (this new rules only)
    civ3mod.bic (this new bic set for 16 races)
    mod3_middle_ages.gif (Screen copy of the advisor's screen for Middle Ages tech tree)

    Thanks and recommondations

    Thanks to satya for his world map which I took as base to make this map here. I had to make some corrections there, i.e. I opened the Bosporus at Istambul for ship moving, corrected some resources in Europe, add whine in Greek and Egypt (they already had good whine at Caesar's time. They made big caravans to get the Egypt whine from an oasa in the sahara that time) as well as I add copper and lead. Also I corrected the size of coast, sea and ocean, as I explained above.

    Thanks to Alessandro Di Sciascio for his Wonderinfo pcx files which I like a lot and use here instead the original wonderinfo pcx.

    November 24, 2002
    (c) 2002 by Dreifels

    Last Update: 05/21/2004

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