DTR - DEMISE - The Revelation
original published by Archie

Backup Site

It is a try to keep public the stuff of the former DTR-DOJO.COM page
as Archie no longer cares his DTR site and server and the stuff is abadoned.
Too pity, and from here a Great Thanks to Archi who give the basic having great fun for years.

Just a legal comment to refuse false statements: This version bases on a legal buyed version which got no longer supported and developed by the original programmer, so that the bought version worked no longer proper. Means: it was a betray. Customers bought a program and after that the programmer says he gives it up because he sold the right of another version under a similar name to another one.
Archi made that abadoned and not working version working proper with an addon, now payable with lot of features to be a full Addon to the old version, means, the legal buyer of the old version now could run the game fine with that addon, if they have the buyed but not working old abadoned version.
Because this, that one who got the right for the alternative version has no rights on this addon. The download here is no hack, no illegal copy, it is a legal free copy for all those who have the abadoned, old not working version. Archie delivered that for free what had been the duty of the original programmer/seller.

available downloads:

The original DEMISE and DTR v1.2 - All in one easy install file demise_dtr12-all-in-one.zip downloaded by Pink from at 2007-07-27 here stored at 2008-05-04 because the original source is no longer available.

The original Assistant 0.5 dtra_setup.zip of DTR Demise, downloaded by Pink from at 2007-07-27 here stored at 2008-10-01 because the original source is no longer available.

Found some more stuff on my backup HDDs: