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Manifold Usurpers


LEADER: Usurper Judaa Marr
BACKGROUND: still unknown
AGENDA: Subvert Planet for galactic domination
TECH: Progenitor Psych, Centauri Ecology, Field Modulation, Applied Physics, Biogenetics

+1 GROWTH: Abuse Planet's resources for their own gain
+1 MORALE: Warlike culture
-1 PLANET: Planet senses Usurper's dark intent
+25% Offensive combat: Can sense & manipulate "Resonance" fields

Free RECYCLING TANKS at every base
"Energy Grid" at each base: Increased infrastructure generates additional energy
Begin game with a Mk I Battle Ogre and extra Colony Pod

All prototyped combat units have 2-square sighting radius ("Resonance" sensitivity)
Can direct research efforts (rediscovering technology & infrastructure)
Possess a physical scan of Planet's surface

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